About us

Our story

The Coldibetto farming estate is located in the northern area of Perugia, close to the natural park of Tezio Mountain, within the DOC territory called “Trasimeno’s hills”, and it lies in front of another park: Villa del Colle del Cardinale. The property belonged to the noble family Della Corgna whose territory included all the hills between Perugia and Trasimen Lake during the second half of 15th century.

In that period, Corgna family saw its power and prestige increased with the election of Pope Julius III. Along with Giovanni Maria Ciocchi del Monte, brother of Giacoma, Francesco della Corgna’s wife, the Corgna family decided to renovate and improve several existing buildings and fortresses, like the Pieve del Vescovo. Moreover, new premises were build to highlight the family’s standing in the area: Villa del Colle (1575) represents one of the most important examples of such renovation. Initially, the property was designed according to the Renaissance concept of “place of delights” and had to be used as a summer residence: a magnificent place of entertainment and culture whose park, rich in important botanical species, is of great scientific significance.

In 1645, Fulvio IV della Corgna sold the entire property to Cornelius II Oddi, that belonged to another powerful Perugian family of that time.

The property was later bought by Francesco Cesaroni (1891) and finally by the lawyer Luigi Parodi (1929).

The center of our farm was constructed at the end of 18th century and we are conscious of the important role that we are playing in this unique territory.

Nowadays, the park of the “Villa del Colle del Cardinale” has become a Musuem and we dream to create a biological and sustainable corner where art, culture and welfare live together and where all the people who want to come and discover who we are and this unique Umbrian landscape are welcomed.

About us

The Environment

The Coldibetto farming estate is located at the base of Tezio Mountain that gives to our fields protection as well as a breathtaking panorama.

This area has a considerable landscape value. Indeed, it is rich of wineyards and olive trees and it’s characterized by important architectural elements like Antognolla Castle, Pieve del Vescovo, Villa del Colle del Cardinale, and the Etruscan Tomb of Faggeto. This area belongs to the TAC project (Tourism – Environment – Culture, “Turismo – Ambiente – Cultura”, in Italian).

The Coldibetto farming estate has 65 hectars of cultivated lands that include olive trees, wineyards and cereals.

We are at 300-400 meters above sea level and the weather is typically continental, softened by the near Trasimen Lake.

About us

The Philosophy

The Coldibetto farming estate is biologically certified since 2000 (more that 20 years). We apply biological cultivation methods to all of our production and products.

We are aware to be part of a natural landscape and context of extraordinary beauty and this improves our passion and work to preserve and add value to it.

For these reasons, we aim at reaching high quality standard in each and every circumstance we are involved in, so that we can guarantee a balance between production needs and respect for the environment.