Legumes and cereals

Enjoy the bio-way of life and choose the legumes and cereals made in coldibetto!


Variety Sultan

The chickpea we grow belongs to the “Sultan” variety. Its peculiarities are its perfect adaptability to our microclimate and its small size. Its smooth and thin skin and its great flavor make it versatile and suitable for all types of processing and recipes.

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Variety Elsa

The lentil we grow belongs to the “Elsa” variety. It is distinguished from other varieties by being larger and darker. In addition to being an improving culture (it releases about 30-40% q / ha of nitrogen and a good quantity of organic substance into the soil), it is a culture that finds its homeland in our region, Umbria. In addition to their unmistakable taste, the list of their beneficial properties (Proteins – Vitamins – Quality Mineral Salts) is very long.


Variety Cannellino

The Cannellino bean’s particularity is its elongated shape and its white color. Rich in proteins and mineral salts, such as iron, it is recommended for all healthier lifestyles. Excellent both fresh and dried for the tenderness of the skin and the speed of cooking.



Variety Borlotto

We can define the Borlotto bean as the “King” due to its fame. Long ago it was considered the “food of the poor” while today, thanks to its amazing protein intake (from 23g to 40g per 100g) and vegetable fibers (as well as mineral salts and vitamins), it is recommended for all types of diets you want to undertake. Unique and tasty recipes accompany this legume and we cannot fail to mention some such as “Pasta and Beans” and the rustic “Beans with pork rinds”.


The cereal representing our crown’s jewell within our property is undoubtedly the Spelt. Its history is so ancient that even the word “flour” derives from this precious cereal (in Italian “farina” / “farro). Emblem today of “Eating healthy, but with taste”, it is widely used for preparing soups and salads. An ancient and true flavor.