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The Coldibetto Farm, in addition to being certified “Organic” throughout the last 20 years, operates in a sustainable manner during all phases of work, whether these concern the 10 hectares of vineyards, the olive groves (including 600 plants), and/or the land used for cereals and legumes.
Our choice to be Sustainable looks forward, to the future: we want that also the future generations may be able to rely on natural resources as we do, avoiding energy-and-food-supply-related problems.

Practically, our agriculture can be defined as “permaculture” by the English contracted term “permanent agriculture”, that is, an agricultural system that sees man and nature in perfect balance and synergy, living in a cooperative relationship.

The project we are carrying out places the manor house and the sales point, surrounded by aromatic herbs, at the center of the company.
In the immediate proximity there will be a synergistic vegetable garden from which we will get the products necessary to satisfy our guests by giving them high quality and, above all, 0 km raw materials. The 0 km approach strongly lowers what can be defined as “ecological mark” by significantly reducing the resources necessary for a product to reach the final consumer such as transport, packaging, cold chain, distribution and many other activities that require energy expenditure.

Our vineyards and olive groves are currently supplied with natural nitrogen thanks to the green manuring technique used on legumes, in particular the beans’ field. We do not use water to irrigate the vineyards due to the presence of underground veins and a predominantly clayey soil that is very capable of retaining rainwater.

For arable land and the synergistic vegetable garden we draw, as needed, from our company water reserve (a semi-artificial lake), which is supplied by underground water basins.
We do our best to reduce waste, be it food or energy, because we believe that everyone can make a difference; each person, in his own small way, is essential to build an eco-sustainable society that respects nature, man and above all future generations.

We are waiting for you in the CONTACTS section to share ideas with us and to grow together.